My Story

Tom’s heartfelt presentation takes listeners through the ups and downs he’s faced throughout the past few years and is sure to inspire audiences. He currently resides in the New York City suburbs. Tom is available for speaking engagements, panel discussions and leadership summits. Please contact 201-663-3957 or for more information on booking Tom.


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  1. myintouchmobile · June 6, 2015

    I sent a message earlier, but I don’t think it we through. But I just got done listening to your story on the Rich Roll podcast. I am a big fan of Rich, and Julie, and have transitioned my life into a plantbased running lifestyle. I am not where I want to be yet, but like you I have some goals with all of this. But the reason why I am trying to reach out to you is because I am a mobile app developer and I have the technology for a pretty cool app product for the running community. I think it would fit perfectly into your new passion and a product we can develop into something great. Shoot me an email, I would love to see what you think. Thanks – Sean


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